How I Found the Best Bloating Remedies

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I have created this site to help people suffering from bloating. You see, I used to suffer from bloating.

In my case, it was a lot worse than for most people. I tried most bloating remedies and even had to take pain killers to sleep at night. The problem is that these drugs only offered temporary relief.

Eventually, doctors told me that they didn’t have anything else to give me and that I should get used to deal with the bloating for the rest of my life.
Of course, I could not see myself living like this forever. I just could not come to terms with living with the intense pain and the low energy levels. For me, even playing with my children was a daunting task.

I then decided to take personal responsibility and started looking all over the internet for good bloating remedies that would help me get rid of the bloating. I tried several natural approaches but didn’t get the permanent relief I was looking for.

Finally, I found a site that showed me why I was getting the bloating and what steps I could take to get rid of it. I decided to give it a try because it made sense to me and because honestly, I just didn’t know what else to do.

I was so surprised when two weeks after starting with this bloating remedy, I started to see the bloating feeling go away. Not only that but I felt with the type of energy that I had not felt in a long time.

I have even been able to sleep well at night without any help. What’s more, I have gotten my quality of life back and can enjoy doing things that I thought I would never be able to do again.

This bloating remedy is totally natural and works by helping the stomach digest the food you eat fast so that you don’t get the bloating feeling any longer. Also, you get a lot more energy overall because the body doesn’t need to spend so much of that energy in the digestive process.

This method is one of the best bloating remedies I have seen because it shows you step-by-step how you can get rid of the bloating for good in a very natural way.

Another thing that I like about this remedy is that you can still eat the food you love eating. You only need to be more aware on how you combine these foods.

The only negative part about this method is that it requires some discipline to follow it because you have to become more aware of how you eat food. However, I have found it to be not a big deal because of the great guidance in the method and because you get extra motivated to keep following the program as you see the improvement in your overall quality of life.

I have included some of the basis of the methods in this site. Please take your time to read the article so that you learn why it works and what you need to do to make it work.

You can also visit this other site for additional information and a more in-depth look at this bloating remedy.

Tips From the Best Bloating Remedies

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Since I talked in the last post about the benefits of food combining as the ideal bloating remedy, I will use this post to let you know about the basic rules regarding food combining so that you can get rid of bloating for good.

First, there are two main different types of foods. The first one is foods with a high content of proteins. Examples of this group are meats, fish, and dairy products in general. The second type is foods with a high content of carbohydrates. Examples of this group are bread, cereals, rice and potatoes.

You need to know about this because the most important rule regarding food combining is to never mix these two types of foods in the same meal. This is so because these two kinds of foods require two very different substances to be released by the stomach in order to be processed.

When these two substances (enzymes) are released separately, they work just fine. However, when they are release at the same time, they loose their strength since they neutralize each other. When this happens the food sits longer in the stomach making you feel bloated.

The best bloating remedy is to make sure that you keep them separately. By the way, that is why you may not feel bloated after eating a steak with a side salad but you feel bloated after eating a steak with fries.

Green salads are great to eat in combination of any of these two groups since green vegetables are digested very quickly. This is so because their high content of water.

Another two very good natural bloating remedies are to make sure that you chew the food properly and to drink as little as you can while eating. The properly chewing of the food is important because the smaller pieces of food the stomach needs to break down, the less time the food will stay in the stomach.

Drinking little fluids during or right after a meal is important because the fluids tend to dissolve the strength of the enzymes used to process the food. Of course, when this happens, the food stays longer in your stomach and you feel the bloating feeling.

As you can see, these are very simple and easy to follow remedies for bloating.

How Conventional Remedies for Bloating Work

Many people are looking for remedies for bloating. The problem is that most bloating remedies carry side-effects that cause additional problems. The best way to get rid of bloating is to find a way to work with your digestive system to digest the food quickly.

In reality, it is very easy to get rid of bloating if you understand how the body works. You need to understand that the body uses two main types of enzymes to process the food that you eat.

These two enzymes work great when they are released separately. The problem occurs when they have to be released at the same time since they block each other and loss their effectiveness.

The best remedies for bloating are the ones that take into account how to combine foods so that your body needs to release only one type of enzymes at a time. When you do so, the bloating is reduced since the body takes less time to digest the food you eat.

By spending some time to plan how to combine the foods you are going to eat, you can get rid of bloating easily. In addition, you will feel a lot more energy since the body will take less time to digest the food you eat.

As a final benefit of this type of natural bloating remedies, you will tend to loose some weight because the body will process the food more efficiently. Many people experience a loss of a few pounds over the first 30 days as the body gets rid of all accumulated waste.

Natural Bloating Remedy Vs Conventional Remedies

There are many bloating remedies available in the market for people suffering from bloating. The problem with these medicines is that they just offer temporary relief. A national study shows that 95% of people who use this type of drugs get only momentary relief.

In addition, these drugs have very serious side-effects. These side-effects are so serious that most doctors only prescribe them for at most 7 days.

Some of the side-effects related to bloating remedies are damage of liver function as well as of the internal balance of your body. A build up of toxins and a slow down of your metabolism are also other well-known side-effects.

Another fact you should know is that these drugs promote the production of a hormone called Gastrin. Gastrin is natural occurring in the body and very necessary. However, the over-production of this hormone is associated with pancreas and esophagus cancers. These two cancers are among the quickest growing cancers in the United States.

If you are seriously looking for natural bloating remedies, you should consider more natural and holistic approaches. These approaches work with the body to help you get rid of the bloating.

As you will see in some of my future posts, they key is helping the body to process the food faster. If you know how to help your body, your food will stay less time in your body and you will not feel the symptoms associated with Bloating.

How Bloating Looks

This is what bloating looks for most people. Keep in mind that even though bloating is usually not a serious condition, it really affects the way you can enjoy your life beacuse it affects your energy levels. That is why it is important to find good natural bloating remedies.

Natural Bloating Remedies